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Additional Factors For International Contestants to Consider:


Please ensure that you have insurance cover for your boats / goods during the event. We are able to provide transit insurance for your goods to and from the event, but our policies do not cover your goods while at the event.

Shipping Delays:

When estimating your shipping times to Perth, please allow additional time due to this period being the peak season. From August to December, many importers are shipping their cargo into Australia for Christmas. Due to the higher volumes of cargo being imported, containers can roll 1-3 weeks in Singapore for seafreight, and 2-5 days for airfreight. Please keep this in mind when estimating when to ship your boats.

Quarantine Factors –

Quarantine will check all boats and equipment that come into Australia. To reduce the additional costs that you may incur and to increase the timeframes for Quarantine clearance, please consider the below conditions:

  1. Please ensure that all goods imported are completely dry, fully drained and free of reservoirs of water. Moisture must not be present on the surface of the item or within the materials from which the item is made (including components). This includes wetsuits. The goods are subject to inspection to determine that they are clean and free from visible clumps of algae and completely dry. Quarantine are concerned that your goods may contain Didymo, which is a cool, freshwater algae that forms thick mats on the river beds. Didymo is almost impossible to eradicate once established, so as your boats may have been used on infested lakes in Europe, NZ, Asia, and North America, Quarantine will be looking to ensure your goods are dry to stop the possible contamination into the Swan River. If your goods are not completely dry, Quarantine will order them for boiling, which may damage your goods, or destruction. Both options would be at the contestants expense.
  2. Please ensure all packing cases and goods are free from plant and animal materials, and do not contain sand or soil on them.
  3. If your goods are arriving by seafreight from BMSB countries, your goods will need to be fumigated prior to shipment to Fremantle or upon arrival. For all LCL shipments coming by seafreight, you must treat your shipment at origin prior to arrival.  For more information on BMSB and countries under consideration, please visit our news page at:


Australian Customs Factors:

There are 2 ways to clear your boats into Australia tax free for this event, the first is by Carnet and the second by temporary security. If you are wanting to clear your boats under a carnet, you must arrange your own carnet at origin prior to shipment. If you are requesting international shipping quotes from us, our agents may be able to assist with obtaining carnets on your behalf. If you wish us to quote this, please let us know. If you don’t want your boats cleared on a carnet, we can enter them under a temporary security with Australian Customs. This requires us to enter your boats formally with Customs, who will take a security of 5% of the value of your shipment and 10% GST based on the CIF value + duty, which you will get refunded to you once your boats have been exported from Australia. For more information on this, please speak to either Cos Breglia ( or Steven Burge ( who can provide further information for you.

For those contestants who are looking to consolidate their boats together and send to Australia as 1 shipment, please find below some more information for you to consider:

  1. If your goods are all listed on 1 carnet, ie a team, Australian Customs will treat this shipment as 1 owner, and we can clear all boats with Customs and Quarantine on 1 entry. This will mean that all contestants boats will have to be exported from Australia at the same time to the same location.
  2. If there is multiple contestants in a consolidation and each contestant has their own carnet or wants their boat entered under security separately, we must enter each shipment separately to Australian Customs and Quarantine, which will mean each contestant will have a separate set of clearance costs in Australia. If the contestants ship their boats in a full container to Fremantle, Customs mandate that the container must be moved to a Customs depot and be deconsolidated there. This will also increase the costs and increase the clearance time in Fremantle, especially if the container comes from a BMSB country.


The questions that we are asking each international competitor that registers for this event are:

For the Importation of your Boats:

  1. Will you requires Keys to arrange the importing of your boat/equipment to Australia or do you have your own agent?
  2. Are you planning on sending your boat by Airfreight or Seafreight?
  3. When do you plan on arriving into Perth?
  4. Are you bringing the boat in on Carnet or under temporary security?
    1. If you wish to enter under a temporary security please help to provide the value of your boat and the value of other items/accessories that will be sent?
  5. Are the coffins / travel cases the boats packed in locked? If so, how do we obtain the key to avoid the lock being broken to allow access for Quarantine / Customs Inspection?
  6. Beside the boat what other goods will be packed inside the coffin/box or containers , please provide details including values this is very important.
  7. Have you booked your flight and if so can you provide flight numbers and dates
  8. Will you be arranging your own transit insurance or will you require Keys to provide this?
  9. If coming by Seafreight:
    1. Are you planning on using a 20GP or 40GP/HC container? Or shipping in a shared container, ie LCL?
    2. Will you be using a Shipper Owned Container or the Shipping Lines Container?
    3. Which shipping line will you be shipping with?
    4. Has any extension of free time been agreed upon with the shipping line?
    5. Do you want Shipping Lines Containers dehired/return to the port straight away or are you planning on using the shipping lines container as storage during the event?
    6. Brown Marmorated Stink Bug – Are you planning on treating the container offshore or upon arrival into Australia?
    7. If the container is packed with multiple contestants boats, is there one carnet for one team that covers all boats in the container? OR will there be multiple carnets / securities for multiple contestants in the one container?
  10. If coming by Airfreight:
    1. Will you provide permission for a representative to open/unpack your boat to facilitate the Quarantine inspection without you being present.

For the Exportation of your Boats after the event:

  1. Will you requires Keys to arrange the exporting of your boat/equipment to Australia or do you have your own agent?
  2. Are you planning on sending your boat by Airfreight or Seafreight?
  3. When do you plan of departing Perth?
  4. Which port / airport do you require the boat to be send back to?
  5. When is the boat required back at the origin / port of arrival?
  6. Will you be arranging your own transit insurance or will you require Keys to provide this?
  7. Will you arrange your own clearance on arrival back at origin or do you require our agents to assist with this?
    1. If so, can you please provide the delivery address for the boat?


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions clarified or for any freight and clearance quotes.

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