New Technology To Assist With Container Tracking

The shipping industry is rapidly changing and Keys Freight are always looking at new technologies to assist our clients with their imports / exports. The thirst for information instantaneously is becoming more of a modern day norm, and we are looking at ways to offer this extra level of service to our customers.


There is now innovative technology that allows heightened visibility of the location of your shipping container, so you know where your cargo is in the world in real-time. Intel, as partner in project Container 42 , has developed the Intel® Connected Logistics Platform, a certified, ready-to-deploy and customizable platform consisting of smart tags, mobile and fixed Intel-based gateways, and a visual dashboard that provides condition and location monitoring of freight down to the individual item-level.


More information on the current project Container 42 can be found at:


Keys Frieght are also looking at new systems to help integrate both importers order systems and our operating systems to try to provide a more seamless shipping process with greater visibility for importers.



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