Imports of Undenatured Ethyl Alcohol for Hand Sanitiser

Imported undenatured ethyl alcohol that is imported with an alcohol by volume (ABV) content of 80% or greater, and that is for use in manufacturing hand sanitiser in Australia, is subject to customs duty when imported of 5% plus $86.90 per litre of alcohol. While an Free

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DP World, Patrick Stevedores, & Quarantine Biosecurity Cost Recovery Price Increases

Good afternoon, This post is to inform you about upcoming price increases from both DP World & Patrick Stevedores Fremantle and for the  Quarantine Biosecurity Cost recovery. If you make a full import declaration (typically customs brokers and importers of consignments over $1000) Australian Quarantine has decided to

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New Technology To Assist With Container Tracking

The shipping industry is rapidly changing and Keys Freight are always looking at new technologies to assist our clients with their imports / exports. The thirst for information instantaneously is becoming more of a modern day norm, and we are looking at ways to offer this extra

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