What is the Role of a Customs Broker

Customs BrokerWhat is a Customs Broker?

The Customs Act provides that only the owner of goods or a Customs Broker licensed by the CEO of Customs can submit an import declaration for imported goods. Due to the complexity of the laws governing the importation and exportation of goods into and out of Australia, and the potential financial and other implications of lodging incorrect information on a Customs entry, most importers and exporters of goods choose to engage a customs broker to act on their behalf.

What is the Role of a Licensed Customs Broker

The role of a Customs Broker is to work as an intermediary between the client and the government departments such as Customs, Quarantine, Department of Environment, Department of Infrastructure. Customs Brokers classify your goods correctly to Customs and Quarantine, on which taxes, border security, and other government agencies target goods for inspection, processing, permits, or other requirement. Customs Brokers also check all clearance documentation to ensure its correct and can provide advice on the best way to obtain clearance of your goods into and out of Australia. A licensed Customs broker can lodge Customs entries in all states of Australia, and can clear cargo by air, sea, and post.

Why Choose a Licensed Customs Broker to Clear your Shipment

A licensed Customs Broker can provide information to importers on the best way to import goods, to lower their tax liability, and to ensure a smooth import process. With the increase in compliance by Customs, choosing a licensed Customs Brokerage to handle your import and export shipments will ensure that all legal compliance is adhered to and to ensure a smooth clearance of your goods.

Why Choose Keys Freight & Logistics to be Your Customs Brokerage.

Keys Freight & Logistics have 2 Licensed Customs Brokers to assist with the importation and exportation of your cargo. Cos Breglia obtained his Customs Brokers license in 2007 and Steven Burge obtained his license in 2008, both have been in the industry for over 15 years. Keys Freight can also arrange the freighting of your cargo to and from Australia, we can also arrange delivery of your cargo to your depot or arrange collection of it for export, and can assist with the transport of your cargo within Australia.

We always recommend that you speak to one of our brokers BEFORE you purchase or send goods overseas so we can provide advice to you to ensure a smooth clearance process.

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