Aircraft Imports

Importing Aircraft Into Australia

Importing Aircraft into Australia

Whether your aircraft is arriving under its own power or dismantled into a sea container, we can arrange Customs and Quarantine clearance.

Aircraft may arrive into Australia for temporary or for permanent use, each use will require a different type of clearance. Aircraft arriving for temporary use should be imported under a carnet, unless it’s for an event with “Customs event status”. Aircraft arriving for permanent use will require formal clearance with taxes payable at the time of importation.

Aircraft Imported and Flown Into Australia

When aircraft is flown into Australia, Customs and Quarantine have strict reporting guidelines. Fines can be imposed if you arrive into an airport without reporting to Customs and Quarantine of your arrival. This would also result in major delays in clearance and to your schedule if you are on-flying to another airport within Australia.

For aircraft arriving under their own power, Customs and Quarantine clearance will occur at the first airport of arrival in Australia.

Aircraft Imported Using Sea Freight into Australia

When aircraft arrives dismantled in containers, Quarantine require the aircraft to be unpacked and inspected at a Quarantine approved depot. They will not allow it to go to your premise for unpack and inspection. There is only one Quarantine approved depot at Jandakot Airport that can unpack the container for you using their qualified staff. Alternatively we recommend that you have an engineer come to our Quarantine approved depot to assist our staff with unpacking the aircraft in a safe manner to minimise the risk of damage.

Aircraft Importer Services

Please speak to one of our Customs Brokers before you send / fly your aircraft to Australia so we can assist with your aircraft importation to ensure you comply with Customs and Quarantine requirements.  Call us today on (61 8) 9256 0222 and speak to a specialist in Aircraft Imports into Australia.


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