Vehicle & Machinery Imports

vehicle & machinery importsvehicle & machinery imports

Vehicle & Machinery Imports

New, used machinery, and machinery parts that arrive into Australia may be subject to Quarantine import approvals. The importation of motorised vehicles, trailers, caravans, scooters, electric bikes, and motor cycles require an import approval from the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development PRIOR to importation. For more information on vehicle & machinery imports permit schemes and the year of vehicles that can be imported, please visit

Keys Freight & Logistics can apply for these permits on your behalf PRIOR to you sending the vehicle. If the Department rejects your application for your import approval, the vehicle cannot be imported into Australia, and if it’s already shipped, it will have to be returned at the importers expense.

Machinery, parts, and vehicles from certain countries also require pre-shipment treatment prior to your cargo being exported to Australia. Please visit our News page for an update of these countries and also the treatments required prior to exportation.

Please note that machinery and vehicles imported with an air-conditioner may require an import license from the Department of Environment depending on what type of refrigerant gas the system runs on, the total amount of refrigerant gas, and how many machines are coming into Australia. For more information, please visit

Quarantine require all machinery & vehicles to be totally free of biosecurity risk. Machinery and vehicles that are heavily contaminated with biosecurity risk material may be ordered by Quarantine for re-export at the importers expense. Quarantine require the machinery to be “as new” so there cannot be any contamination found at the time of inspection. All machinery requires an initial Quarantine inspection, which they will automatically fail the machine, and order it to a Quarantine approved depot for further inspection and cleaning. Cleaning of machines can result in large costs, delays, and possible damage to the machine. Importers should also ensure that they insure their shipments into Australia and that the insurance covers any damage or loss while under Quarantine cleaning. Please visit the below link for the Quarantine guidelines on cleaning of machinery prior to entry into Australia.

Please contact us today so we can assist in apply for import permits, to guide you through the importation process, and advise on the approximate costs and taxes involved.


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