Vessel Imports

vessel imports

vessel imports

Vessel Imports

Whether you are importing a yacht, pleasure boat, or a tug boat that sails into Australia under its own power, we can assist in the importation process.

There are strict reporting guidelines controlling vessel imports imposed by Customs and Quarantine, so please be aware of this before you send the vessel. You cannot just arrive into a port without alerting Customs and Quarantine to your arrival time and berth location. Customs and Quarantine officers will meet the vessel on arrival for immigration, pratique inspection, and other clearance purposes.

If you have a foreign crew sailing your vessel into Australia, please ensure they have the correct maritime visa’s to be able to enter Australia.

Used vessels or new vessels with wooden components will require Quarantine inspection on arrival, which is additional to the standard pratique inspection for vessel imports. Vessels that have pre-charged equipment, such as refrigerators and airconditioning systems, will require an import permit from the Department of Environment.

If you are looking to sail your yacht or boat overseas for longer than 3 months and return back to Australia, please be aware that a licensed Customs broker must complete an Export Declaration for your vessel to limit the risk that you be liable to pay Customs duty and GST when you return. For all vessels that are sailing overseas for repair, refurbishment, or upgrades, taxes will be applicable on these costs on return to Australia.

Please speak to one of our Customs brokers before you sail from Australia or before you sail from the overseas port so we can assist you for a smooth clearance on arrival.


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